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As an architect with a deep understanding of traditional and contemporary Japanese architecture, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to my design work. My research in Japan has provided me with insights into the unique relationship between traditional Japanese architecture and nature. I strive to infuse this connection into my designs, creating spaces that seamlessly blend interior and exterior elements, offering a personalized experience for each inhabitant.

With expertise in virtual reality and immersive technologies, I bring my designs to life in interactive and engaging ways. Through my work, I aim to push the boundaries of architectural visualization and create experiences that resonate with people on a profound level.

Esteban Beita, Ph.D.



2007 - 2010

The University of Tokyo

Doctorate of Engineering in Architecture

Traditional Japanese Architecture Design Techniques

2005 - 2007

The University of Tokyo

Master of Architecture

Traditional Japanese Architecture Building Techniques

2003 - 2005

University of Costa Rica

Bachelor of Architecture

1998 - 2003

New York Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Architecture

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